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25 November 2012 @ 08:36 pm
The Woman (7/7)  
Part One      Part Two      Part Three      Part Four      Part Five    Part Six

Rating: M

Features: Rose Tyler, the 11th Doctor, Amy Pond, River Song, Mycroft Holmes, John Watson, Sherlock Holmes, Ianto Jones, Lois Habiba

A/N; Nothing you recognize belongs to me!  This was supposed to be the last part, followed by an epilogue, but then it just GOT LONGER and as I was sitting at 10,428 words (unfinished) I decided to split the chapter up so you can have an update now and it's a little more manageable for me.  I'm still trying to post the last parts tonight, but if I don't look for them on Wednesday night.  And as always, enjoy!  Thank you to Riona for taking a look at this chapter, especially because it was super frustrating for a while!

Summary: She is 'the woman' to both of them.

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