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09 April 2013 @ 09:05 pm
[fic] when the sun comes looking.  
Title: When the Sun Comes Looking.
Author: sekichu
Character/Pairing: Eleven/Rose, Hints of TenToo/Rose.
Rating: PG-16.
Disclaimer: Doctor Who is not my playground, but it is a wonderful sandbox to play in.
Summary: He clings to his inaction and its potential of unexplored opportunities like a man with cabin fever clinging to a shaft of sunlight sneaking through the crack between a window and its ledge. Somehow that crack is preferable to opening and closing a door, that trickle of perpetual possibility far better and worse for his hearts. It is a dangerous illusion, hope, and he hurtles towards it even as he flees.

Author's Notes: Written for Challenge 007 at then_theres_us. You may, if you wish, read this as part of the same 'verse as you had me at goodbye.

( He would like hers to be the last face he sees, just in case. )