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eleven_rose's Journal

Smith & Tyler
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**Introduce yourself! We like to see who's around! So don't be shy!

1) No Bashing. If you want to vent your frustrations on the casting for eleven DO NOT do it here. This goes for all other whoniverse characters AND writers/directors.

2) Keep things on topic. If it's not Eleven/Rose related, don't post it.

3) Fanfiction should come with the proper labeling (Rating, Word Count, Title, ECT) and should be placed UNDER A CUT, or linked to your personal journal.

4) Post large icon posts behind a cut. Anything larger than... say, three icons. Graphics also require a cut unless you're posting a fanmix cover, which can be a maximum sample size of 300x300.

5) If you're posting a link to something that can be downloaded, or if you're asking to download something, please keep it members-only.

6) Post violating any of these rules CAN and WILL be deleted!

doctoreleven (For all your Eleven-related needs :D)

Nothing yet :)